3 Day Refresh Review!

I just got back from vacation where I had some cheat meals and a few adult beverages, so I veered off track a little bit and needed to make a clean break, so I gave Beachbody’s 3 day refresh a try! I have heard mixed stories on the refresh from everyone, but I wanted to form my own opinion on the experience! I did develop a cold on the way back from Florida, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to refresh right now or not, but I decided just to go through with it.

It was only 3 days – I figured I could do anything for 3 days, right?

The 3 day refresh consisted of Shakeology for breakfast, fiber sweep mid morning, vanilla fresh shakes for lunch and dinner in addition to fruits, veggies, healthy fats and plenty of water! I already drink A LOT of water thanks to the fix, so no problem there!

Day 1 – soon as I got up, I chugged 8 ounces of water

Next up was Shakeology for breakfast – I usually always go with vanilla, but I had some packets of chocolate and strawberry left over from the trip, so I used chocolate today since I will have 2 vanilla shakes daily for the next three days. This is my go to shakeo recipe and it never fails me – it includes 10 oz water, ½ banana and a couple ice cubes – delicious!!

Soon as I got to work, I made myself some herbal tea, since we should refrain from coffee for the days and we are allowed this 3 times a day!

Mid morning – fiber sweep drink w/ 8oz water – I heard so many mixed emotions on this drink so I was a little nervous to try it – BUT it wasn’t that bad! I love lemon and oatmeal and it kind of reminded me of a lemony oatmeal so no big deal for me – I did chug it fast though– I would not suggest sipping it!


Lunch – vanilla fresh shake w/ 10 oz water – it was very chalky so I chugged it fast!! Glad I got that out of the way before I had my 2 plums and celery w/ almond butter.

Afternoon snack – cucumbers and almond butter

No afternoon tea today.

Dinner – vanilla fresh shake we meet again – blended it this time – didn’t really like it any better so chugged it real fast before I had my refresh approved spinach salad – yum enjoyed this!

 Evening tea – I had some herbal tea

Had approx. 100 ounces of water too!

Overall not a bad first day, but then the headache hit me that first night oh my! I went to bed between 9 & 930 I couldn’t take it anymore! Goodbye Day 1!!!

Day 2 – Repeat of day 1 for the most part but changed the flavor to strawberry Shakeology…so tasty!

Snack time!

Tea time!

 Dinner – vanilla fresh shake (this time I blended with cinnamon & nutmeg in a small processor) – not bad at all!

Headache was off and on all day and I was still fighting my cold, but I am 2/3 of the way done and feeling better than ever, so just keep pushing!!

Day 3 – Hello Final Refresh Day and no headache!!!

Breakfast – my daily dose of dense nutrition – chocolate Shakeology!

Last fiber sweep!

Lunch – vanilla fresh shake – I blended it last night with cinnamon & nutmeg – it sat in the fridge overnight and all morning until I took it out – It was nice and cold, actually didn’t mind it – bummed I waited so long to try it this way!


Afternoon snack!

Dinner – vanilla fresh shake (blended with cinnamon & nutmeg one last time, I did find I like it blended and sitting in the fridge for a while before I drink it, took me 3 days to realize this but I finally did lol)

Well I gave you the good, the bad and the ugly!

Here is what I do know:

I feel less bloated

I did drop 8 pounds

Dropped a couple inches off of my waist

I had the three best nights of sleep EVER

I sure do miss my morning cup of black coffee, but I can deal with just three days!!

Was it a glorious three days – absolutely NOT, but would I do it again to get back on track in just THREE days – IN A HEARTBEAT!

AND folks that’s a wrap, isn’t it time for you to get back on track and give the 3 day refresh a try?!!  My results speak for themselves ☺️  Message me today!